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Tasting Notes

From Doug McCombs, Winemaker

We are proud to offer 9 great wines for you to try here at the winery, each one custom made and blended to offer you a wine selection unequaled in its depth and diversity. We are proud of each wine and it is exciting to offer these choices.

We are currently offering four white wines and five red wines and they are listed below. Beneath the list are some tasting notes about the wine from our wine maker.

Our selections include the wine listed below:


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2015 Dry Riesling – Rogue Valley AVA, Oregon – $16

Our Riesling grapes come from the Rogue Valley AVA near a small town called Cave Junction in the southwestern corner of Oregon.  The vineyards are just 50 miles off the Pacific coast that lie among the hills taking advantage of those cool ocean breezes that help make this distinctly exceptional wine.  With less than 1% residual Sugar our Silver Medal winning Riesling is a crisp and sumptuous wine but not sweet, with a color that is clear and bright with a very pale golden hue.  The nose teases you with sweet grape fruit and citrus, apricot and granny smith green apples.  The crisp and dry taste delivers what the nose promises with more of that wonderful tart grapefruit, apricot, green apple and a pinch of lemon.

Enjoy this wine chilled on a hot summer day at the BBQ, by the lake or the pool.  When dining, try it chilled with sea bass, trout, swordfish, shrimp, crab, lobster and oysters.  It also goes great with grilled vegetables, goat cheese and sweet fruits.

Instant Grat Chadonnay Front














Chardonnay 2013 – Central Valley, CA – $14.00

We took some wonderful chardonnay that we found from some great vineyards north of Santa Barbara CA and we kept it strictly in stainless steel and did not put it through ML.  In addition, we added a dash of Sauvignon Blanc and the result is another wonderful Chardonnay. This one is preferred by those that like a bit of tart crispness in the wine, and just of dash of the Sauv Blanc styling. The palate is a wonderful combination of juicy stone fruit, crisp acid and lots of instant gratification.

This chardonnay pairs wonderfully with pastas in a white sauce, most types of fish, quail, chicken, turkey, partridge, nuts and almost any type of vegetable and pasta salads.













Roussanne 2012 – Sierra Foothills AVA, California – $27

Our Gold Medal winning Roussanne is our signature white wine and a wine we say is the white wine for red wine lovers because it is an elegant wine in every way. Originally intended as a blending wine, this surprise superstar quickly made a name for itself and demanded to be bottled as its own varietal. We barrel aged this wine for 24 months in French and American Oak, and then blended a little of our Riesling to give the wine just the right acid.  The color is clear and bright with a rich golden hue of light honey. It is so beautiful in glass you may be hesitant to drink it but once you do, you’ll be glad you did.  The nose promises soft notes of honey, butterscotch, caramel and a hint of oak, graphite and slate. The palate backs all that up and more offering white peach, light yet unsweetened honey and oak with a slight stoniness on the finish in an amazing mouth feel that is sure to make you want more.

Make sure you pair this wine with your traditional Holiday meals as it pairs with Turkey, potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, squash soup, honey glazed ham, and pumpkin pie.  It is also recommended with pork, veal, salmon and dozens of different styles of cheese.


Reserve Cabernet










Cabernet Sauvignon 2011– Sonoma Valley AVA, California – $22

This is a big Sonoma style Cabernet Sauvignon that so many have come to expect from this very popular AVA.  It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot both of which have been sourced from small family owned vineyards in the Sonoma Valley.  The wine pours in a beautiful opaque purple and scarlet with a nose of blackberry, black cherry, green olive and leather with barrel influences of vanilla and oak. The delicious palate offers a dry wine with subtle dark fruit of currants, black cherry and blackberry and a hint of bell peppers with bold yet balanced tannin on the mid-palate. The barrel brings American oak influences of wood shavings and toast.

This wine goes perfectly with steak, beef dishes, pasta in red sauce, deer, elk, wild duck and grilled vegetables.















Tempest 2010 – Red Blend – $14

This red blend is named in honor of our friends down the street and the Utah Shakespeare Festival.  This is a blend of Paso Robles Tempranillo, Sonoma Valley Cabernet and Merlot and a bit of our Utah grown Red Field Blend so hold on because this is a tempestuous little blend indeed!  This is a dark wine with a rich red hue pulling you to a nose of cherry, rhubarb with a hint of earth and red current.  The palate is youthfully fruit forward with juicy red cherry, light citrus, with a mint in the mid palate and a finish of berries.

Pair this wine with Mediterranean dishes as well as pork, pot roast, BBQ ribs, and pasta.  It also pairs nicely with lasagna, parmesan cheese and au gratin potatoes.











Petite Sirah 2009 – Napa Valley AVA, California – $32

This delicious red wine is a blend of Petite Sirah from two excellent California vineyards. The majority is from Napa and a bit from the Sierra Foothills which adds structure and balance to the wine. This wine pours dark and mysterious and it looks beautiful in the glass.  The nose teases with notes of black cherry, blackberry, and hints of cocoa all layered in just enough vanilla and toasted oak. The palate delivers what the nose promises with bold flavors of dark ripe fruits, soft spices, baking cocoa and solid tannins.

This wine goes perfectly with beef dishes, pasta in red sauce, game, wild duck, grilled vegetables, sharp cheese and chocolate.



Tempranillo 2005 – Paso Robles AVA, California – $23

Tempranillo fans out there will know that it can be made in so many ways from light to spicy.  Our winemaker always works to craft a Tempranillo that is rich in color and taste and yet fun to drink alone or paired with foods.  This Gold and Silver Medal winning 2005 Tempranillo shows in the glass with a nice burgundy red and the nose presents a hint of butter and dark cherry, cassis, mint and graphite.  The palate has a rich mouth feel and a fruit presentation of black current, raspberry, dark cherry and cassis and leather with just the right amount of oak and cedar.

This wine loves almost all red meats and spicy food so pair it with sausage and pepperoni, Mexican and Mediterranean dishes, steak and lamb.


Syrah 2013














Syrah 2013 – Madera AVA, California – $25

This delicious red wine is a blend Syrah with 10% of our elegant Alicante´ Bouschet. This wine pours beautifully; clear and bright with a gorgeous dark burgundy color. Our winemaker prefers to source his Syrah grapes from slightly warmer climates to produce a more intense style. The nose teases with notes of cocoa, black cherry, raspberry and vanilla oak. The palate continues the sensory journey with flavors of dark cherry, big ripe blackberries and a hint of baking cocoa that finishes with a nice balance of fruit and oak tannins.

This wine goes perfectly with beef dishes, pasta in red sauce, game, wild duck, grilled vegetables, sharp cheese and chocolate.


Alicante 2013














Alicante´ Bouschet 2013 – Madera AVA, California – $40

Our Alicante´ is one amazing wine. Sourced from grapes grown by 3rd generation of Italian immigrants, this grape sets itself apart when grown in a warm region like the Madera, AVA which is what we consider America’s premium Alicante´ AVA. It is a blend with 5% Syrah to help tame the fruits on this wine. This one is smooth yet fruit-forward wine, barrel aged in American and French oak that has a flavor and color that emphasize the very best qualities of this varietal. Its color is wonderfully dark with a nose of ripe red fruits. The palate is elegant and juicy with dark fruits all nestled in a nice tannin balance on the finish.

Pair this beauty with prime rib, steak, roasts, grilled vegetables, any pasta in red sauce, and cheese.

Full Moon Love Wine Front










Full Moon Love Wine – Rogue Valley AVA, – $16

Dessert anyone?

This beauty is a blend of a sweet Grenache that is blended with our Tempranillo, Syrah, Alicanté and Cabernet Sauvignon and we think you will fall in love too.

The color is a deep rich ruby red with a nose of dark fruit like ripe cherry and plum, port and just a hint of cut grass. The palate follows with pronounced dark cherry, rich cocoa, and sweet ripe grape jam.

Pair this with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. It makes an amazing sipping wine or wow your next dinner party by pouring it over a brownie or over ice cream for a special dessert treat. It is also a great accompaniment to a rich cigar

A Few Thoughts on Wine Tasting

If you’re new to wine, or just not one that worries about being “hip” to obscure wine terminology because you have…….. well……… a life, then this little guide below may help walk you through the terms I have used to discribe my wines.

  • Sight; which means simply; what does the wine look like? Here we look at clarity, color and other visual clues that tell us something about the wine. If you have ever watched a professional do a visual analysis of a wine you’ll notice they hold the wine up over a sheet of white paper to help them judge different components of the wine. Is it clear or cloudy, bright or dull, what is the wines true color, does it have a lot of alcohol content and even a few clues about it’s age.
  • Smell; which is usually referred to as “the nose”. What aromas does your nose detect in the wine? Does it smell like fruits, and if so, what kind of fruits. Maybe you will smell wet wood, oak, cedar even pencil shavings! Did you know you can smell everything from “buttered popcorn” to “musty earth” in a wine and, depending on the wine, that may not be a bad thing?
  • Taste; does the wine taste good, is it smooth in your mouth and do the flavors deliver what the nose promised. Can you taste different types of fruits, or spices, oak or earth?  Now I get asked sometimes if we add these tastes to the wine and the answer is a resounding NO, except for the effects the barrel brings to the process, those different smells and flavors are all a natural part of the wine itself.  That is the sort of thing that makes wine tasting so darn much fun.

Even if all you know about wine is that your favorite comes in a box…. you can begin a fun and life-long journey down the road of enjoying wine. Remember, you don’t have to know wine, you just have to know what you like.

Be sure to watch our events calendar and sign up for our wine education classes, I promise you will have fun and you’ll learn more about wines from around the world. If you like, I might even show you how to walk around with a glass of wine in your hand, looking down your nose at everyone else, talking with a bit of an elitist tone to your voice and throwing out lots of meaningless drivel about a particular wine, just like the pros do.

Remember when drinking wine….. everything in moderation…… well, except moderation….